Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey! I've got a new Website!

I've enjoyed my time writing for Cinemafangeeque, but in the end it was a blog that simply wasn't as broad as I wanted it to be. After a lot of hard work and putting some thought into it, I decided to create an actual website! Yes, you know, one of those sites with an actual address that doesn't end in blogspot or The idea behind this website is to offer news and reviews on pretty much any geeky subject under the sun, whether it be movies, video games, music, books, electronics, comic books, hell anything is fair game.

Most web designers would tell you that such a broad audience is asking for trouble, because you'll never be able to draw in audiences that are accustomed to looking for sites that are devoted to certain subjects. However, I would argue that some people are looking for one place where they can find all the information they are looking for. Maybe this isn't as big of an audience as most websites try to pull in, but I want this place to be a haven for all the geeks of the world. What do I mean by that? Well, the answer solves the issue of bringing in the audience.

I invite just about anybody and everybody who has a desire to write about geeky subjects to join and become contributors to the site. So far, I've already had 7 people confront me about writing for the site and 5 sign up to do so. I expect this number to do nothing but grow over time, with the site eventually featuring enough content providers that there will be so much content that it will be impossible to ignore. They'll post their articles on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, widening the audience further from the ground up.

Yep, I plan to use the best advertising services available to make this website successful. Word of Mouth is not only cheap, but effective in this day and age. It has already been more effective than all the other advertising services I have used combined. But that's not what is important here. What's important is that the writers will eventually own the site. Every contributor makes a cut of the profits that the website makes. Right now those profits are very small, but if the site continues to grow in popularity, eventually the profits will grow with it. I know it sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme, but in reality it's just fairly distributing the earnings of the website among its contributors, inspiring them to continue their work on the site and inspiring more contributors to join the site.

That being said, this isn't about the money. No, this is about the ability to gain experience writing about every subject that I have any desire to discuss. Do you know how many people are just like me, who looked for an opportunity to get their name out there and gain experience writing for the web or any other place that would take them? Quite a few. I have no delusions of being one of a few, and while I do feel that my writing is of the highest quality and standard, I know that I'm not the only person, nor the first to attempt to do something like this. I also know how hard it is to get your start in an industry like this, which is why I made this website as open as possible so that anyone who may have been turned down elsewhere could feel free to join my website and gain that valuable experience.

So yeah, this is no get rich quick scheme. Rather, it is my attempt to branch out into something much more meaningful and important than just myself. This is my olive branch to the geek community.This is...
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