Thursday, June 18, 2009


After only two Transformers films, Michael Bay has said that he is done with the franchise. When I first heard about it, I was for sure this was a joke created by the fabulous minds at the Onion. However, a slightly more reliable source is at work here, so I'm more tempted to accept it as reality.

and what a fantastic reality it is!

Lets accept the facts here, it was by the grace of god that Bay was unable to ruin Transformers to this point. How many directors could do a better job? Well, the options are limitless!

Okay, perhaps I'm being hard on Michael. After all, who do you want to direct Transformers, the artsy fartsy guy? or the guy who knows one thing -- explosions, and lots of em? However, explosions aren't exactly art. There are plenty of directors in Hollywood that can do exactly what Bay does, and probably for less money. I have a feeling that whatever they do with the Transformers franchise next, whoever they get to direct what will most likely be a third film in the franchise, we will all be a lot better off without Bay behind the wheel. God forbid the loss of an overpaid, overblown windbag like Michael Bay.

Long story short, the departure of Michael Bay is not something anyone will lose sleep over.

Unless of course they decide to throw a party in celebration.

Nolan hasn't signed on for Batman 3? OHNOEZ!!!

Yes, apparently Christopher Nolan has not yet signed on for a sequel to "The Dark Knight". This has left fanboys evacuating in their pants at the idea of a Batman film directed by someone other than the man who apparently MADE Batman who he is according to the level of respect with which Nolan has been bestowed.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's a bad director. I just question whether or not he should really do another in this series of film. If he hasn't signed on yet, maybe he just doesn't want to do it. Honestly, if I were him I wouldn't want to have my name as a director forever associated with Batman, and only Batman. This is the guy who directed the brilliantly original film "Memento" for christ sake. He's capable of some great stuff, and he's doing Batman movies.

It's not like that's a bad thing, as a fan of that type of movie I have to say I'm glad they finally found a really good director to do the fims. However, if I was capable of such brilliant and original films, why would I want to be attached to some hollywood schtick like this? Batman already has a history in film, why would you feel any need to be associated with it if you were able to write your own history in film? I'm not saying Nolan is the next Spielberg or anything, I'm just saying he's got a real talent for what he does, so he doesn't really need Batman to be a success. What's more, he'd probably be a lot better off without Batman, and as such so would the average movie goer. The more originality we've got in hollywood, the better.

Warner is going to make a third Batman film with or without Nolan. We can hope for the best, but nothing they come up with is likely to top or even reach the quality of The Dark Knight. Remember the mess that came out after Batman Returns? Well, we can only hope it won't be that bad again.

As for Christopher Nolan, I feel I'd be supportive of whatever he decides to do next; whether that be Batman or his own independent films, he's good enough at what he does that he'll have me turning my head a few times. I just wish the fanboys would stop complaining and let the man do whatever he wants.

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